Join us as a buyer
Reach the minimum number of appointments
to get a cash reward.
Register to be a hosted buyer
Incentive Plan for Hosted Buyers
For hosted buyers, we provide a cash incentive for online business matchmaking.
As long as the hosted buyer completes the online matchmaking with at least 20
exhibitors on TNTM, and each online meeting lasts at least 10 minutes,
then hosted buyers will be rewarded with a cash incentive of RMB 1,000.
Through online chat
Minimum chatting time
CNY 1,000
Buyer experience
Buyers are by invite-only and entirely pre-qualified.
Buyers can do everything a visitor can do
but can also make appointments with exhibitors.
Buyers can have in-depth one-on-one meetings
with exhibitors through WeChat-based chat rooms.
Recommended List
Buyers have access to a list of
recommended exhibitors.
Buyers will be alerted to upcoming appointments
through WeChat push notifications.
All discussions with exhibitors are logged
and are accessible in the buyer portal.
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